Oh hai!

We are a tenant-run not for profit community. What that means is that the TU has a master-tenancy lease with the property owner. We are able to have a sense of autonomy and agency as renters that is rare, we have created this community for ourselves and it has evolved in many ways over the last 13 years. This is a large old turn of the century three story Portland Foursquare house. The ground floor daylight basement has its own entrance and is fully self-contained. The middle floor is two apartments side-by side that have a pass-through door connecting. And the top floor also has its own separate entrance and is fully self-contained. By forming a Tenants Union, we not only were able to develop a deeper sense of community, stability, and collective advocacy, but we were also able to have a kind of flexibility that is rare – we help eachother, we have privacy but also community. And we’re able to achieve a level of affordability for ourselves that is almost unheard of in today’s absurd rental market.

One of the apartments is set at 60% MFI. Another apartment is set aside for those who need the greatest amount of rental assistance at 40% MFI. The remaining two apartments have a sliding scale depending on how long someone wants to stay and how much they can reasonably afford. Typically we are able to offer those apartments between 80% – 100% MFI. We do all of this without government subsidy and as renters and we determine how best to divide up the total rent we pay to the property owner but never collect more in aggregate rents than we owe. If you can’t tell already, we’ve been trying to prove a point here. It isn’t always easy and there are trade-offs for sure, but we are so proud of the unique community we’ve created and we’ve been able to share something very special with everyone who has come through these doors over the last 13 years.

It’s our mission to provide people in all stages of transition and transformation with a soft and friendly place to land in-between where you came from and where you’re going. For some, change and uncertainty are thrilling; for others it takes more courage. Either way, it helps to be surrounded by a supportive community, shiny objects, colored lights, and soft blankets.  We’ve created a grown-up playhouse for you – a vision of an idealized 1970’s childhood. This is a safe and private place to help you on your way.

We were featured in the Willamette Week’s 2008 Article about Portland Hot Design spots:

“A cross between a bed-and-breakfast, an extended-stay hotel and crashing at your BeDazzler-obsessed friend’s house, Portland’s Beauty Sleep features fancifully themed apartments to help even the most jaded hipsters get their kitsch on. The Peacock Suite, in particular, is so chock-full of over-the-top 1950s furniture it feels like Liberace’s guest house on steroids. This and other suites come stocked with a collection of vintage nightgowns, robes, boudoir slippers, costume jewelry, fur stoles and wigs so you can play dress-up and lounge about languidly, double martini in hand, as Perry Como serenades you on the vintage LP player. With all of these distractions, who could sleep?”

And Apartment Therapy had this to say as well:

“While the majority of the newspaper’s list was familiar, we’re most excited about being pointed in the direction of Beauty Sleep, that sounds straight out of a John Waters flick. Crazy, a teensy bit creepy and utterly Portland.”

Come live with us here!  You’re important and we like you already!



Welcoming Committee Hostess, Collector of Shiny Objects